4 Tips for Traveling with Natural Hair

4 Tips for Traveling with Natural Hair

By: India Gay

Traveling With Natural Hair: 4 Essential Tips For A StressFree Vacation

Choosing the right hairstyle and travel products can truly make or break a vacation. Summer vacation is the time to enjoy sun-soaked adventures and create new experiences, not “tussle”  with your crown! 

Whether you’re lounging on a beach, wandering through the city or anything in between, these four natural hair travel tips will help you create unforgettable memories while on the go. So pack your bags and leave your hair worries at home, curlfriend!  

Tip #1: Understand What Type of Vacation You Are Going On 
Tailoring your hairstyle and travel kit to your itinerary is essential for mastering vacation hair.  Different destinations call for different styles and each style requires a unique travel kit. 
  • Heading to a beach or tropical destination? Choose a style that’s easy to wash and dry such as braids,  twists or cornrows. 
  • Traveling to a dry, hot or humid location? Opt for low-maintenance, antifrizz styles like crochet styles.
  • Taking a trip to the city? Showcase your favorite and most reliable styles!
  • If you’re hiking up high altitudes, prioritize protecting your hair with styles compatible with a bun.
  • When in doubt, live by tip #2! 
Tip #2: Stick to What You Know / Less is More
Vacations are not the time to experiment with new hairstyles. From one Wakati hottie to another, stick to what you know! Choosing a reliable, low-maintenance style will have you enjoying your trip without consistent hair hassles. 
We recommend selecting a style that protects your crown while offering versatile styling options. 
Travel hairstyles for natural hair
Here’s a list of our favorite curlfriend approved vacation styles: 
  • Braids (box, crochet, knotless, tribal, etc)
  • Twists (passion, “rope,” senegalese, cuban, etc) 
  • Cornrows or stitch braids 
  • Buns 
  • Faux or goddess locs 
Tip #3: Multifaceted Products Are Your Friend
Your suitcase should be filled with vacation swag, NOT hair products! Opting in for “2 in 1”  products such as our Oil Infused Cream and Reactivating Conditioning Mist will keep your stash light!
Check out some of their usages below: 
Oil Infused Cream: 
  • Moisturizer 
  • Twisting/ braiding cream 
  • Leave in 
ReActivating Conditioning Mist: 
  • Hair refresher  
  • Leave in  
Tip #4: Pack an Emergency Hair Kit
Our hair has a mind of its own. A simple emergency kit with the following essentials can help you quickly manage your hair in case of unexpected weather changes or activities:
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