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Our Story: A Natural Hair Journey

More and more women are embracing their beautifully-coiled natural hair texture like never before. But there is a problem: the natural hair movement has outpaced hair technology, leaving women unable to find the products they need to make the most of their nuanced, complex strands.

In 2013, inspired by Kao’s mission to improve the lives of others, a passionate group within the Kao USA Research & Development team asked a single question: Why are there not more effective hair care formulas specifically designed for natural black hair? To answer their own question, they pulled together a dedicated team of hair & skin experts, scientists, and African-American researchers and got to work.

After a long, five-year journey (with lots of nights and weekends) the team is ready to share their perfect natural hair formula. With great pride, Kao USA introduces Wakati, a NEW water-activated conditioner designed to give women the power to finger-comb detangle, soften coarse hair, and helps reduce shedding. With Wakati, natural hair is overall more manageable, so naturalistas can spend less time styling and more time enjoying their kinks, curls and coils.

Wakati, meaning time in Swahili, represents a respect for where your hair has been and an optimism for all the places you want it to go. And now is our time to share Wakati with the world.