5 Tips to Step Your Detangling Game Up

5 Tips to Step Your Detangling Game Up

By: India Gay
Selecting the perfect conditioner can be a game-changer for your wash day routine. We’ve all experienced the frustration of battling with tangles, resulting in breakage, sore scalp and fatigue. Wakati’s Advanced Water Activated Conditioner was formulated to ease the detangling process for you. Paired with these five tips, your wash day ritual is about to undergo a remarkable transformation.  


Never detangle on dry hair  

Never attempt to detangle dry hair! Ensure your hair is thoroughly wet and coated with a conditioner or detangling cream.  

Use the right detangling tool 

The battle of finding the perfect detangling tools is ongoing in the world of natural hair. Whether a wide-tooth comb, denim brush, wide bristle brush or simply your fingers, find what's best for you! 

Detangle in sections 

Depending on your hair’s length and thickness, divide it into manageable sections. This allows for a thorough detangling process and minimizes breakage. Use claps, clips, hair ties or scrunchies to section hair. You can also follow up by twisting or braiding your detangled sections. 

Detangle from end to root 

Avoid the common mistake of starting at the roots, which can lead to more knots and frustration. Instead, detangle from the ends and gradually work your way up the hair shaft. 

Be gentle 

Your ends are the most vulnerable to damage and breakage. Show them some tender love and care by being gentle!  


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