4 Tip Survival Guide to Vibrant Hair During Season Changes

4 Tip Survival Guide to Vibrant Hair During Season Changes

By: India Gay

With each season’s change, you should be adapting your hair care routine to address the challenges posed by changing weather conditions. Here are four key tips to keep those curls poppin’ all year long, with the help of Wakati Hair Care. 

Balance is the name of the game 

As weather patterns begin to shift, your hair’s needs may fluctuate. Natural hair craves moisture and hydration year-round, however. Many associate cold weather seasons with dry and brittle strands but the same can be said about hot and sunny days. The key to vibrant hair is finding the right balance between moisture and hydration.  

Hydration is your best friend 

Dehydrated curls are a no-no! Your hair needs water to survive and thrive. When your hair lacks water, it is prone to excessive frizz and dry-ness. Keeping your curls hydrated is easy! Be sure to drink enough water each day and fuel your hair with water-based products.  

We recommend our Water Activated Conditioner to promote hydration and make detangling your natural kinks and coils a breeze. Its patented technology provides high slip to unlock tight knots, smooth rough cuticles and seal in moisture.  

Say, what’s better than one hydrator? Two! Our Re-Activating Conditioning Mist hydrates and refreshes curls for a smooth finish with added shine. Use this in between styles to revive those strands. 

Moisture Seals the Deal 

Hydration and moisture go hand in hand! Always follow up with a moisturizer to seal the deal. Wakati’s Oil-Infused Cream seals in the right touch of moisture for slip, shine and frizz control. Opt in for this lightweight cream whenever your strands need a little extra tender, love and care to lock in moisture. 

Trims keep your hair in check 

Getting a trim every about every 3 months should be a staple healthy hair habit in your routine. Avoiding them can lead to more breakage and damage traveling up the hair shaft. Keep those split ends, knots and tangles in check by trimming those ends! 

Protective styling for the win 

Natural hair is the most versatile of them all. Give your strands a break by opting in for a protective or low manipulation style. These styles aid in protecting the hair from damage, maintaining moisture and hydration, limiting manipulation and saving you time on your routine. Now that's a win-win-win-win!

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